Major League Hacking 2022 Hackathon Season

HackNITR 4.0


Round 1: 6th - 8th Jan 2023

Round 2: 28th - 29th Jan 2023

Explore further into your innovation journey with HackNITR 4.0 and manifest your skills.

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Howdy buddy! We are back with another awesome virtual hackathon, HackNITR
Major League Hacking

About Us

HackNITR 4.0 is a hackathon to encourage you to use your imagination and invention to develop cutting-edge technology-based solutions to challenges in the real world. It was put together by a large group of tech enthusiasts from Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) NIT Rourkela and OpenCode. The main goal is to grow our local community and give hackers an unforgettable experience. The plethora of fun and excitement is waiting for you from 6th Jan 2023.

Our Sponsors

On behalf of team HackNITR, we would like to publicly thank the generous sponsors without whom this event could not be held so smoothly. Our sponsors are an extension of our event, we make their presence obvious by integrating them in natural ways which promote their vision and brand. Till date our sponsors are very happy and eager to keep in business with us by supporting our vision with whole heart.


Major League Hacking




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Have a question?

We know that many of you would be first-time hackers here and there must be many questions buzzing in your mind. But don't worry, we got you covered! Go through these FAQs and you'll get most of your queries solved. In case you have more questions, ping us at the bottom-right corner.

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  • How do I register for the hackathon?
  • What is the participation fee?
  • What if I don't have a team or idea?
  • Who can participate?
  • What could be the size of the team?
  • Why should I participate in HackNITR?
  • How will the teams be judged?
  • What is the Code of Conduct?
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Want to reach out to us?

Drop us a mail on our official email ID. We would try to get back to you within 48 hours.

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Good Old HackNITR 3.0

Are you a stats-geek?🤓 We might just have perfect numbers which impress you! Here are our serious edition stats.


Overall Winner


Best Hack: Inclusivity


Best Hack: Community


Best Fresher's team

Numbers to Adore ❤

Here are a few numbers that are more than just numbers for us.



Project Submissions


Sessions Organised



name of person

It was a great experience and I loved the community a lot. The two things that I have learnt from it are, Just keep working till the end and just try to be as innovative as possible. I gotta say that you people organised it really well and I loved the energy of the speakers and mentors.

Vishal Reddy Chintham

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name of person

I got my first chance to showcase my technical and managerial skills by building my first hack project. Not only this, we also attended great sessions, mini-events and workshops conducted by renowned expert personalities from all corners of the world

Anisha Mohapatra

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Journey to become a Hacker

The most mysterious yet popular Job but be careful it is not what you think. Below there are some qualities and disciplines one should follow to be called a Hacker.

1. Nap like a Cat

Nope, it is not how it sounds. You should sleep, sleep and sleep and then wake up with great energy and do your work with great efficiency.

2. Drink Coffee

Make your Rest time during work productive by drinking a magical drink which we often called Coffee. This will make you smarter.

3. Register for HACKNITR 4.0

No warrior can be called a great warrior by only practising on the ground. He must go to war and fight. So, come and join us in HACKNITR 4.0.

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HackNITR 3.0

About NIT Rourkela

With a total strength of around 7000 students, NIT Rourkela is one of the most coveted institutes for higher studies by future technocrats. With its lush green and humongous area, it indeed makes a pleasant campus impression.

About Diamond Jubilee

Established in the year 1961, NIT Rourkela celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Through the years of the tireless striving of its administration, students, and all stakeholders, it has become a beacon of knowledge.

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